In addition to his 22 years of service as a Deputy Sheriff, Jay has volunteered his personal time for more than a decade to improve the lives of countless individuals. Having learned so much from his own unique life experiences, Jay has gone out of his way to foster parent 15 kids, help the homeless, fight Prop 8, and mentor LGBTQ youth. When asked to help, Jay has answered the call.

Here, in their own words, are a few notes of recognition and gratitude from people whom Jay has positively affected over the years.

Jeff and Mom

I needed to know that I had a chance at a normal life, Jay gave me that hope that allowed me to hold on in my darkest of times. The first time I reached out to Jay, I never thought he would get back to me, but his generosity showed no bounds. He went above and beyond to make me feel as though I had a place in this world.

Jeff G. who struggled coming out at age 16

Jay reached out to help my son and gave him guidance to deal with his deep depression and ultimately my son was able to open up to me. I spoke to Jay that same evening with my head full of questions and confusion, but from that very moment I realized how fortunate we were to have Jay in our lives… I will be forever grateful to Jay for the compassion, friendship, and time he has given to my son and to myself. I truly believe that he saved my son's life. Jay is our real-life hero.

Maureen, Jeff's mom
Jeff and Mom

Without Jay, I question where I would be today. Before discovering his videos I had no plans to ever come out and was in the process of looking up conversion therapy methods. He restored a sense of hope in my young insecure self that was critical in developing who I am today. Jay Foxworthy was never forced to upload and publicize his private family life, year after year, but he did so out of a sense of duty and compassion for others. I thank him for it.

Dylan C. was fearful, and then he found Jay's family YouTube videos
Jeff and Mom

I was drawn to the sincerity, compassion and professionalism that Jay exuded. I identified with him because he was in law enforcement (which I wanted to do) and had a military background. It made me realize that I could do anything I wanted, and still have the personal life I longed for. Jay was one of the people that inspired me to join the United States Army and be one of the first openly gay men in an all-male basic training. His friendship and support has motivated me to live an open and authentic life in the Army.

Justin A., Sergeant, U.S. Army


Jay's conversation with our community about the needs of our Sheriff’s office continues every day. You can support Jay’s efforts by joining the campaign and donating today!